He Spit On His Mom In The Middle Of A Birthday Party Because She Grabbed His Wife’s Stomach, Said It Was Obvious She Didn’t Get A Post-Birth Tummy Tuck, And Called Her “Fatty”

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While I’ve seen some family drama in my day, I can thankfully say I’ve never seen anything get physical or violent. But sometimes, family functions get out of hand, especially when certain relatives don’t mesh well together.

One man recently got into a nasty altercation with his mom after she grabbed his wife’s stomach and insulted her at a birthday party.

He and his wife welcomed a new baby three weeks ago and had been living in baby bliss. Until now, that is.

Since his wife is only a month postpartum, she’s still processing all the mental and physical changes her body is going through. Therefore, she’s still fragile. Despite her fragile state, his wife mentioned wanting to go to a family birthday party that was coming up.

“I told her we could skip it, but she is a trooper and wanted to go as it was a milestone birthday,” he said.

“My mom and my wife absolutely hate each other. I am talking [about really] deep hatred. But for the most part, they can just ignore each other. I know my wife was slightly in the wrong here, but nothing justifies how my mom acted. My wife was newly postpartum, emotional, and had a drink for the first time in almost 10 months. She went over to socialize with people my mom was sitting with and kind of [leaned] in my mom’s space.”

His mom became annoyed by his wife standing a little too close to her, so she freaked out in a nasty way. His mom put her hands on his wife’s postpartum belly and asked her, “I take it you didn’t get that post-birth nip [and] tuck you wanted?”

His wife became extremely emotional and insecure and began to cry. When she told him what happened, he mainly focused on her and wanted to reassure her how beautiful she was. However, his anger began to set in.

“In that moment, I saw my mom in a completely different light,” he recalled.

bigguns – – illustrative purposes only

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