Her Husband Hates Their New Puppy And Wants To Get Rid Of Her, But She Refuses To Part With Their Pup

otsphoto - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual puppy

This 22-year-old woman and her husband agreed to purchase an 8-week-old puppy in January. Several days ago, her husband expressed that he despised their puppy because she was so energetic, but she wasn’t surprised that their puppy was a ball of energy since she was so young.

She’s incredibly attached to the puppy, and she and her husband have been fighting because he wants to rehome her.

“He would spank her, throw her outside for peeing in the house, and was aggressive with her. We had a conversation where I told him that that wasn’t okay, and he’s stopped hitting her, but he still intentionally intimidates her (stands above her menacingly and stomps after her),” she said.

Sadly, her husband constantly screams at their puppy. She and her husband also have an older dog who doesn’t enjoy being chased by the puppy. During arguments, her husband claims it’d be unfair to keep the puppy when their older dog doesn’t like her energy or how often she wants to play.

A dog trainer has been helping her learn methods to instill habits in their puppy so that she behaves better around their older dog, but the training isn’t enough for her husband. He told her he had no patience for the time it would take for the training to positively affect the puppy’s behavior.

Her husband claimed he needs to see changes immediately, even though he knows it’s not feasible for there to be changes right away.

Last year, she and her husband moved 15 hours away from all her loved ones. Her older dog doesn’t hang out with her often anymore, so the puppy has helped fill the void, which she needed because she’s been quite lonely lately.

Since she’s alone most of the day, the puppy distracts her and keeps her occupied. Plus, the companionship with her puppy has improved her mental health tremendously.

Their puppy is intelligent and easy to train. She was completely housebroken in only four and a half months.

otsphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual puppy

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