His Sister Lives Above Her Means And Constantly Asks Him For Money, So During A Family Birthday Party, He Wants To Put His Sister “On Blast” For Poorly Handling Her Finances

fizkes - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old man’s sister, 34, is a nurse and makes a decent living. Even though he doesn’t make as much money as she does, she regularly seeks financial help. His sister and her now ex-husband had two children together, now 3 and 8, before they eventually divorced.

During his sister’s marriage, she always requested to borrow money from him. He was in college but usually loaned her money after other family members persuaded him to. His sister and her then-husband nearly lost their insurance before he paid the bill for them.

“Sometimes, she will ask for money when she already owes me. My mother is the same way. Both live outside their means a lot of the time. They think because they coupon that they are fine but clearly not,” he said.

His sister buys so many toys for her children that the whole playroom is filled with toys, some unopened. She also purchases unnecessary decor for her home, and he doesn’t believe that his sister is as financially unstable as she claims to be.

The items his sister purchases are always incredibly pricey and not practical. She buys pricey shoes for her kids, knowing they’ll quickly grow out of them.

Several weeks ago, his sister took a trip to a waterpark like Great Wolf Lodge in New Jersey, and two of their cousins, 15 and 16, also went on the trip. He and his family are all from Virginia, so he thought it was a long distance for his sister to travel for a vacation when she supposedly needed financial help.

While his sister was on vacation, she requested money from him for the hotel’s hold on the rooms she reserved. He refused, and when she returned to Virginia, she once again asked for money to pay her babysitter.

“I declined again, and later when she called me, I overheard her telling the babysitter that she would pay her back later, implying she borrowed money from her,” he explained.

A few years ago, his sister called him and said she wanted to purchase a brand-new car, but he attempted to talk her out of it, pointing out that buying a new or custom car wasn’t smart because they quickly lose value.

fizkes – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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