He Told His Mom That His Dad Fed Their Dog Chocolate And Made Her Sick, So His Dad’s Furious He Didn’t Take The Blame

tan4ikk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This young man is 18-years-old and still lives with both his parents. They also have a beloved pet dog that recently sparked some tension between him and his dad.

Apparently, just the other day, his dad randomly wanted to give chocolate to their pup. He knew that chocolate was toxic for dogs, though, and tried to warn his dad that their pet could get seriously hurt.

Nonetheless, his dad just tried to brush his concerns aside and claimed that they had expensive Swiss chocolates. So, his dad thought it would “probably” be fine.

“But I looked at the box and told him it’s even worse since it’s high in cocoa, and the cocoa is the dangerous part,” he recalled.

Afterward, he thought his dad had understood his warning, so he just went to take a shower. Well, once he was done washing up and got back to the living room, he realized that his dad had gone ahead and fed their dog chocolate anyway.

“We did get her to the vet in time. She threw up, and her heart rate went way up, but fortunately, she has since recovered,” he explained.

Still, rather than taking accountability for the whole situation, his dad actually just wanted to blame him for the situation!

He refused to let that happen, though, and wound up telling his mom the truth – that his dad had fed their dog chocolate. And now, his dad is furious at him.

“Saying he already had to pay the bills and that my mom would have been much less angry if I told her I did it since I’m still 18,” he revealed.

tan4ikk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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