He Took A Girl Out On An Ice Cream Date, But Then She Said He Can Clearly Do Better And Find Someone Prettier

EdNurg - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 24-year-old guy went to high school with a girl whom he hadn’t spoken to since then. But one day, she randomly began sending him text messages, and he decided to give her a chance.

They spoke for several months before he asked her out on a date. He took her out for ice cream, and it was wonderful.

They chatted for a couple of hours, and he ended up having a great time. But then he headed off on a road trip for the next two weeks.

On his trip, it dawned on him that he really did like this girl a lot.

“So when I came back, I tried to plan a 2nd date, but our busy schedules didn’t really work out,” he explained.

“Long story short, I felt like she was pulling away, so I decided not to text her anymore, and now, out of the blue, she started DMing me again.”

He pointed out to her that he’s fine if she is trying to pull back, and he respects that; however, he would really like to know the reason behind her creating space between them.

He also confessed to her that he had developed feelings and was interested in pursuing things, yet he could tell she was losing interest in him.

“To which she basically said she feels like she’s not pretty enough for me and I can do better,” he said.

EdNurg – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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