He Vanished In 2017 After His Stepfather Dropped Him Off At His New Job In Maine, But His Family Didn’t Realize He Disappeared Or Report Him Missing For Over A Year

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Colin Arey was originally from Bucksport, Maine, but in 2010, he lived in Manhattan. That year, he graduated from the Art Institute of New York City after studying fashion design. He was also in a two-plus year relationship with his boyfriend, whom he first met online.

However, four years later, Colin broke up with his boyfriend. Then, by 2017, he was 26-years-old and back in Bucksport – living with his stepfather and siblings. There, he was working as an education technician and substitute teacher at a local elementary school.

Colin also didn’t drive or have any other means of transportation aside from his relatives. So, his strange disappearance in January 2017 has remained a perplexing mystery.

He last contacted his ex-boyfriend – who was still living in New York – on January 25, 2017 via text message. Apparently, the pair had remained friendly and often talked online.

Colin was also last seen by his stepfather that same month. Apparently, his stepfather dropped him off at the Brewer Auditorium – which was located on Wilson Street in Brewer, Maine. There, Colin was supposed to start a new job working at a Sears department store inside the Bangor Mall.

But, after getting dropped off, Colin was never heard from or seen again. And in the beginning, his family didn’t even realize that he was missing.

When Colin didn’t return home, his family actually thought that he had just moved back to New York City. Then, his grandmother was hospitalized for congestive heart failure, and Colin’s family wasn’t able to get in touch with him. At that point, they grew concerned.

So, a missing person’s report was not filed with the Bucksport Police Department until June 25, 2018 – over a year after Colin went missing.

According to his friends and family, he did not struggle with depression, drugs, or alcohol. Once an investigation was launched, authorities also found that his social media and phone records showed no activity after his disappearance.

Sean Xu – – illustrative purposes only

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