He Wants To Sell His Youngest Daughter’s Car To Fund His Eldest Daughter’s College Tuition After She Lost Her Scholarship

fizkes - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One of the biggest things some parents struggle with is helping their children get to college and paying tuition. When you don’t have enough to get your kid to college, it can make you feel like a horrible parent.

One man is struggling with his youngest daughter after he told her he’d have to sell her car and put the money toward her older sister’s college tuition.

He is 55 and has two daughters. His eldest is 21 and about to enter her senior year of college. His youngest is 17 and is about to enter her senior year of high school.

Both of his daughters are hard workers and have done very well in school, but unfortunately, his eldest had some struggles with her mental health entering her junior year, and it affected her grades.

“She has a full-ride academic scholarship that is dependent on her GPA, [and] based on her current grades, after this semester, her GPA will dip below the cutoff,” he said.

“After extensive back and forth on the phone with the school, they say it is contractual, and we will be obligated to pay next year’s tuition. If she gets her GPA back above the threshold next semester, we can ‘readdress’ the situation to determine if her scholarship can be reinstated for the final semester. We bent over backward, trying to find a solution.”

His daughter did everything she could to get her GPA back up to keep her scholarship and looked into taking summer classes. Unfortunately, after calculating all the possibilities, it became apparent that her GPA would not go back up to where it needed to be, and he and his wife would need to help her pay for her final year of school.

“Of course, we were upset with her for allowing this to happen,” he explained.

“We had a long talk with her, and she’s upset with herself, too. But she’s a very smart kid who really struggled with her mental health from sophomore year into junior year, which affected her grades. Under no circumstances did we want her to leave college with only one year left.”

fizkes – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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