Her Boyfriend Freaked Out Because She Didn’t “Warn” Him That Her Parents Were Rich Before Introducing Them, And She’s Starting To View It As A Red Flag

Volodymyr - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever introduced a partner to one or both of your parents and felt inclined to let them know if your parents were rich or not?

This recently happened to one woman whose boyfriend flipped out on her after meeting her dad because she didn’t warn him that he was wealthy.

She’s been with her boyfriend, Callum, for eight months. Her parents are separated, and Callum has met her mom and stepdad several times, either at restaurants or at her place.

Recently, she and Callum had a long weekend, and she used it as an opportunity to introduce him to her dad and stepmom at his house and have lunch.

“Looking back on it, Callum was immediately uptight when he saw where my dad lives,” she said.

“I thought it was just nerves. He was acting pretty strange throughout lunch and was very cagey about any questions my dad or his wife asked. But again, I chalked it up to nerves.”

Although lunch went well, while they were driving home from her dad’s, Callum began freaking out and expressed that he was disappointed she didn’t tell him her dad was rich before introducing him. She was confused and asked Callum why that was important, and he said he could’ve ‘prepared’ himself if he had known.

“I was still confused about [how] my dad’s tax bracket was a potential pitfall,” she explained.

“I could see warning him if my dad was incredibly snobbish about dress sense or manners, but he isn’t. Callum then asked if I’d also ‘hidden’ that my mom and stepdad were rich, which I admitted I guess I did, although I take issue with him calling it hiding something. It’s just not relevant.”

Volodymyr – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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