Her Dad Has A 23-Year-Old Girlfriend He Wants To Marry, And She Feels Like He’s Blowing Their Lives Up With His 42-Year Age Gap

Wojciech - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 36-year-old woman’s parents separated three years ago and then got divorced two years ago. Looking back on her childhood, she can honestly say her dad was amazing to her, and she always felt comfortable going to him for help with whatever she was dealing with.

She loved and trusted her dad as a kid, but right now, she feels like he’s someone she doesn’t even know.

The reason for this is that her 65-year-old dad just revealed to her that he has a 23-year-old girlfriend he wants to marry, and she can’t believe he’s serious.

Before anyone asks, yes, this girl actually is real, as her husband saw this girl leaving her dad’s house one day when he went to borrow something, and her husband says this girl looks like an influencer.

Anyway, as soon as her dad told her about his girlfriend, he then said it’s a good thing, because now he has someone to care for him as he gets older.

She really doesn’t want to even meet her dad’s girlfriend and hopes she can spend the remainder of her life avoiding this girl.

She also has no interest in attending her dad’s wedding, which leaves her wondering if it’s time to just cut her dad out of her life entirely.

“A 42-year age difference feels predatory,” she explained. “I don’t understand how he could want to be with someone so much younger than his daughters (4 of us, ages 30-36).”

“I don’t understand how his girlfriend could want to be with an old guy when she has her whole life ahead of her. And she wants kids. I feel like my dad is blowing up all of our lives.”

Wojciech – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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