Her Mom Flipped Out When She Took Back The Money She Invested Into Renovating Their Disastrous Family Home

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Have you ever had the urge to fix up your parents’ home after it had been lived in for so many years?

One woman recently fixed up her parents’ home after her mom realized she couldn’t make a profit from it due to its condition. Now, her mom doesn’t want her to let her take back the money she put into the repairs.

Her dad recently passed away, leaving her mom to live alone in their home. Once her dad passed, her mom could not afford to live in the house, so she decided to move in with her and help pay the mortgage.

It was a great situation, as what she spent on the mortgage was equal to what she used to pay in rent. However, not long after moving into her parents’ house, she realized its poor condition.

“I love my late Papa, but every single inch of that house was under construction,” she said.

“The bathrooms had no walls, one of the windows was pulled out and boarded up, zero rooms had proper floors, the roof was leaking, one toilet was missing, the list goes on and on. He was very good at home projects, but I’m sure he had ADHD because he was all over the place.”

Her mom eventually decided that she’d rather move and start fresh in a new home, as her grief was too intense to keep living in the house. When she took her mom to appraise the house in its poor condition, they learned it would be worth less than what they still owed on it.

So, she and her mom made an agreement that she’d continue to pay the house’s mortgage and get it fixed up while her mom moved into a new place.

“For several years, in my own grief, I threw myself into it, and I fixed or hired someone to fix everything,” she explained. 

2mmedia – – illustrative purposes only

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