His Daughter Moved In With Her Two Little Kids, But She Won’t Get A Job Or Help Around The House

deagreez - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 51-year-old man has a 28-year-old daughter who was married, but she left her dirtbag husband two years ago after she found out that he was sleeping around.

So, his daughter moved right in with him, along with her two children under two who have special needs.

His daughter’s kids exhaust her, and she gives into all of their demands in an effort to get them to quit crying.

The little ones have no set bedtime schedule, only eat junk food, and aren’t potty trained. They also completely trash his home, so he’s been left to parent them since his daughter really is not stepping up to the plate.

“When she left baby daddy, he kept their car,” he explained. “I was in a position at the time to help her get a replacement; as she wasn’t working, I bought the car.”

“Same with the car insurance thing, I’m paying. Her mother died when she was 12, and I took full custody of her and her siblings. My kids didn’t handle her death well, and I kind of raised them with kid gloves, much to their detriment.”

“Of my 3 children, she, the oldest, was always difficult. Quick to blame others for her problems, and unable to accept responsibility for her actions.”

His daughter doesn’t help pick up around the house, and she still does not have a job, which leaves him paying for all of them. It’s expensive for him to have to pay for her and her kids.

He recently informed his daughter that she needs to hurry up and find a job so she could at least pay for her own car insurance. He also stated he was happy to watch her kids at night so she can go work.

deagreez – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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