His Fiancée Accepted His Proposal But Wouldn’t Sign A Prenup, So He Called Off The Engagement And Ended Their Relationship

opolja - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s not unusual for people to want to sign a prenup before marriage, especially if one person makes a lot more money or has many more expensive assets than their partner.

However, many couples would consider it crucial to discuss signing a prenup before even getting engaged. 

One man decided to ask his fiancée if she’d sign a prenup after she already accepted his proposal. Her reaction eventually caused him to end their relationship.

He’s 28 and was with his 29-year-old girlfriend for four years. They both work full-time, although he makes at least six times more than her annually. 

They were extremely happy together and hardly experienced any issues. Until now, that is.

He proposed to his girlfriend three months ago at a restaurant, and she said yes. Two months later, they began making some wedding plans. They selected a venue, printed invitations, and were just about to send them out.

“[I said] I wanted to sign a prenup, but she was not really eager for it,” he said.

“According to the prenup, [our] assets would be divided based on what both sides brought to the marriage, so both sides will leave with the portion they had before marriage. I said I don’t [think] she [loves] me for my money; I said it’s only for avoiding unneeded conflicts in case of anything. But still, she said I was planning for the divorce just at the beginning, and I didn’t trust her.”

For a few days, he and his fiancée argued about the prenup, and her negative reaction completely turned him off. So, he decided to call off their wedding and end their relationship.

opolja – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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