His Girlfriend Found Out He Was Lying To Her About When Dinner Was Ready Because She Always Took A While To Sit Down At The Table, And Now She’s Upset That He’s Been “Manipulating” Her For Weeks

opolja - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’re a parent used to cooking meals for your family, you know how frustrating it is when you call your kids to the table to eat, and they don’t come for at least five to ten minutes. But can you imagine having to put up with that from your partner or spouse?

One man recently got into trouble with his girlfriend because she found out he’d been lying to her about what time dinner was ready so he could get her at the table sooner.

He’s 23 and has lived with his 29-year-old girlfriend for over a year. She’s a software developer who works from home. Since his girlfriend makes more money and can cover most of their expenses, he contributes by doing a lot of household work, including cooking dinner for them every night. 

Unfortunately, he’s noticed his girlfriend has been more burnt out recently, as work has had her working longer hours, and she sometimes still has to answer work-related messages after clocking out. 

Even though his girlfriend works from home, the extra work has made her act more distant and distracted, making it hard for them to do fun things together.

“I try to at least give her a delicious hot dinner that we can find time to eat together,” he said.

“But when I call her over because dinner is ready, it’ll often take her five to ten minutes to actually come [to the table]. Sometimes she’s responding to a work email, sometimes she’s playing video games and wants to finish what she’s doing, [and] sometimes she’s just decompressing on the couch and takes a long time to get up. I’m sympathetic to her situation, but it really bothers me when I work hard on dinner, and she doesn’t even eat the food when it’s hot.”

To make matters worse, his girlfriend gets grumpy and complains when the food he cooks is cold and mushy, even though it was hot when he first called for her.

So, to avoid this drama, he began calling her to dinner five to ten minutes before their food was ready. It’s been working for weeks, and his girlfriend’s been at the table right when it’s time to eat. However, the other night, his girlfriend came to the table right after he called for her, and their food was still cooking. 

opolja – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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