His Girlfriend Randomly Broke Up With Him Over Text, Saying He Was Standing In The Way Of Her Dreams And Didn’t Believe In Her, But It Was All Just To “Test” His Love For Her

stockbusters - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy had been dating his girlfriend, Fara, for two years. But, just a few days ago, she randomly decided to break up with him over text, and he was completely caught off guard.

His girlfriend didn’t say she was ending it because of known issues between them or anything, either. Rather, Fara began listing off problems she had with their relationship that he believed were completely out of the blue.

For instance, his girlfriend accused him of not being ambitious enough. On top of that, she claimed that he was “blocking her” from attaining her dreams and that he never actually believed in her.

That’s why the texts really did not make any sense to him – especially because he had just worked overtime at his job, his girlfriend sent the texts late at night, and he was very tired.

“So I just replied, ‘Okay, good luck with your life and wish you the best,’ and then I blocked her and her friends everywhere and went to sleep,” he recalled.

Well, the following morning, he realized his phone had been bombarded with hundreds of text messages and missed calls. If you couldn’t have guessed, they were all about how he handled his girlfriend breaking up with him.

“Everyone was calling me heartless for how I reacted,” he said.

From the texts, he also learned that his girlfriend had apparently been trying to “test” him on how much he loved her. But, according to Fara, he failed.

Even after finding out the truth, though, he declined to answer any of the texts or calls. And thankfully, most of his friends believe that he’s doing the right thing.

stockbusters – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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