She Thinks It’s Creepy That Her Fiancé Put His Late Dog’s Ashes In His Wedding Ring, And She Hates It

Donna White - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

Pretty soon, this 32-year-old woman will be walking down the aisle and marrying her wonderful 32-year-old fiancé.

They have talked about what kind of wedding bands they want, her fiancé mentioned that he would like to get one that contains the ashes of his late dog.

“I am very put off by this request but don’t really know how to respond or if I’m just being awful for not wanting this,” she explained.

Her fiancé’s dog passed away last year, and his dog was 16-years-old. She and her fiancé were together for three years then, and he had his dog for a long time before she became a part of his life.

After her fiancé’s dog passed, her fiancé was completely inconsolable for a period of time. She did her best to support him in his grief, but she doesn’t quite understand why he was so impacted.

“I was not allowed to have pets as a child, and so, while I do love my dog I have now, I have never lost a pet and couldn’t directly sympathize with his grief,” she added.

“Now, when it comes to the wedding band, I know he loved his dog, but I really wanted his wedding band to be a symbol of our love. Not the love he had/has for his dog. He also says things like what he loves most in the world is this dog.”

“He’s said even more than he loves me. I’m all for loving your pet and animals, but this feels a bit over the top and obsessive. Also, a bit creepy.”

She admits that perhaps she doesn’t get where her fiancé is coming from since she has never gone through having a beloved and cherished pet pass away.

Donna White – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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