She Dumped Her Boyfriend After He Wouldn’t Hire Her To Work At His Company

annanahabed - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Nine months ago, this 30-year-old woman met her 45-year-old boyfriend. Back then, she was having some problems at her job.

She was given a role in management without more money, which made her overworked and severely stressed out.

Whenever she asked her coworker for help, who spent all of her time watching TikTok videos, her coworker would yell at her.

She ended up leaving that position and got another job, which was remote. Unfortunately, those hours didn’t work out with her schedule, as she’s the mom of a toddler son.

“Anyway, when I left, I was terrified because I am a mother,” she explained. “However my BF at the time was second in charge at his office.”

“He said if anything happened and I couldn’t get anything, then he’ll just hire me in the meantime. Two weeks go by, and no job.”

She went back to her boyfriend and asked if he had been serious about giving her a position at his company.

He replied that he only had a janitor position open, which she knew was a lie. Also, she found out from one of his female coworkers that he created a special position just for her that was completely made up.

She then went home and applied to more than 150 jobs, but since 1,500 people or more applied to the same positions, she thinks that’s why she had no luck.

annanahabed – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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