He Told His Fiancée If She Goes On Vacation With Her Ex-Husband, Their Relationship Is Over

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This 42-year-old man has spent close to two years with his 32-year-old fiancée named Jane. He actually met Jane while she was still living with her ex-husband, Ben.

Back then, Ben was saving up enough money to move out, and Jane has a 7-year-old son with Ben.

He says that Ben has always despised them, and that dislike only deepened after he proposed to Jane within a week of her divorce from Ben being completed.

If he and Ben are in the same room together, Ben acts like he doesn’t exist. In fact, he honestly has never said a word to Ben.

“Jane initiated the separation as she realized she was no longer in love with Ben,” he explained.

“The divorce was amicable and they’ve remained friends and share custody of their son. As far as I know, Ben hasn’t dated anyone since they split.”

Anyway, Jane just informed him that Ben asked her to go on vacation with him and their son this upcoming summer.

The vacation will be at an all-inclusive resort located in Greece and will last 10 days. Ben already booked a suite for all of them with separate bedrooms, and Jane just has to pay for her plane tickets to go.

Jane believes it will be wonderful for her son to be with both of his parents, as he’s had to spend several years bouncing between two homes. He doesn’t agree and is of the opinion that their son will just feel confused.

neirfy – – illustrative purposes only

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