His Mom Is Furious With Him For Not Sharing His Enormous Inheritance With His Stepsiblings

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Sometimes, when you find out you’ll receive an unexpectedly large inheritance from a late relative, other family members jump down your throat to get you to share it with them.

One man recently had to put his foot down and say no after his mom and stepdad told him he should share the money his late father set aside for him with his stepsiblings.

He’s 17 and found out a few weeks ago that his late father had left him a massive amount of money, which he’d receive in the form of an inheritance.

His dad sadly passed away from cancer, but for years, he had money set aside for him in a trust fund that was an accumulation of old family money and his earnings.

“This was all explained in a letter my dad wrote to me,” he said.

“He had the trust set up before he came into most of the money, but when he found out his cancer was incurable, he decided to put it all aside for me once all medical bills were paid off. My parents were separated but not legally divorced when my dad was sick.”

When his mom saw the letter he received about the money, she insisted on being with him while they met with an attorney to get more information on how he’d be able to receive it. At the meeting, he found out he wouldn’t have any access to the money until he was 19 and that it would be enough to get him through college, buy a house, and still have some left over.

His mom became very interested in the trust money and immediately told her husband, his stepdad, about it. When they realized how much money he had coming, his mom and stepdad wanted him to share it with his three stepsiblings, ages 14, nine, and seven.

This didn’t come as much of a surprise, as his mom and stepdad struggled financially for years. Money has always been tight; they live paycheck to paycheck, and he had to get a job to support his personal spending.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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