She And Her Sister Nearly Got Kidnapped By A Large Group Of Men Right Outside Their Rental Unit While Vacationing In The South Of France

pillerss - - illustrative purposes only

If you’re a woman planning on traveling to the south of France this summer, TikToker Renée Kennedy (@renee_ek) is warning you to stay extra vigilant after she and her sister were almost kidnapped by a large group of men with ill intentions.

So, Renée, her sister, and her parents were staying in a vacation rental in the south of France last summer. They were located in the Old Town area of Nice, France.

One evening after dinner, her mother suggested that the two sisters spend some quality time together. They went out and got some drinks at a place that was about a five-minute walk from their vacation rental.

Somewhere between 12:30 and 1:00, they started heading back to the rental. On the way, they texted their dad to let him know they were returning soon.

While they walked back, they encountered the typical catcalls and whistles from men trying to get their attention.

When they reached the French doors of their rental, they called their dad so he could come downstairs to let them in.

In the two minutes it took for their dad to arrive, Renée and her sister were approached by a group of six or seven older guys. She could not remember seeing those guys when they first walked up to their door.

One of the guys came up to Renée and before she knew it, she was pinned against the doors of the rental.

She looked to her right and saw that her sister was in a similar situation. Renée froze, not knowing what to do.

pillerss – – illustrative purposes only

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