She Broke Up With Her Boyfriend After He Blocked Her On Everything And Ghosted Her For Nearly A Month As A “Prank” With His Friends

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This woman was in a long-distance relationship with her now ex-boyfriend for a year and a half before dumping him. Their relationship had been going well until he completely ghosted her out of nowhere.

Her then-boyfriend blocked her on all his social media accounts and blocked her phone number. She had no idea how to get a hold of him. It was as if he completely vanished.

Eventually, she called some of her boyfriend’s friends to find out what was happening, but they didn’t give her any information. They told her they had no idea where her boyfriend was or what he was up to.

For 10 days, her boyfriend blocked her from contacting him, and she worried about him. Finally, he unblocked her on Snapchat and sent her a message.

“He told me he can’t be with me and unhappy with me. He said he can’t do this long-distance thing. I was broken. As all of this was sudden, I asked him if he had found someone else,” she said.

In response, her boyfriend affirmed that he met another woman he’d rather be with and blocked her again. She was understandably in shock and hoped to have a conversation with him, but she was still blocked from all her boyfriend’s social media accounts, and he still had her phone number blocked.

When she borrowed a friend’s phone to call her boyfriend, he answered, but after realizing who it was, he told her he was too busy and would call her once he had time.

“The next day, he called and said he couldn’t be with me. He can’t do this long-distance relationship and wants someone to be with him. I tried to convince him, but no. He hung up the call,” she explained.

Once her boyfriend ended the call, she was devastated. Since she was still blocked, she didn’t hear from him for 15 days, assuming their relationship was over and that he’d never talk to her again.

Prostock-studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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