His Fiancée Said She Made A Mistake In Asking His Sister, Who Has Chronic Medical Conditions, To Be A Bridesmaid, But He Claimed That She Couldn’t Just Rescind The Invitation And Accused His Fiancée Of Being Insensitive

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This 22-year-old man and his fiancée, 21, got engaged two months ago. They have just started planning their wedding, and his fiancée asked his sister, 20, if she’d be a bridesmaid.

His sister struggles with several chronic medical issues that dramatically impact her daily life. It’s tough for his sister to stand or walk.

“She sometimes has to use a wheelchair and can’t stand for more than a few minutes at a time without passing out. She also has a service dog currently in training for different issues,” he said.

While his fiancée was aware of his sister’s medical issues, she didn’t realize the severity. Once they began planning the wedding, he mentioned a few ideas to accommodate his sister during the ceremony.

He told his fiancée they could put a chair nearby for his sister to sit down when needed, and she could sit in her wheelchair for the wedding party photos.

“After explaining this, my fiancée thinks that she made a mistake in asking my sister to be her bridesmaid and wants to tell her she can be part of other aspects of the wedding but not a bridesmaid,” he explained.

In response, he said she couldn’t tell his sister she would no longer be a bridesmaid because his sister was thrilled to be a bridesmaid, had never been a bridesmaid before, and might never have this opportunity again.

“We had a heated discussion, and I accused my fiancée of being insensitive. My sister is going through a lot of mental health challenges,” he shared.

In addition, his sister and her now ex-boyfriend ended their relationship after dating for two years. Since she’s had such a tough time lately, she was so happy to be asked to be a bridesmaid, and it made her smile. His sister seemed happier than she’d been in a while.

AS Photo Family – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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