Her Boyfriend Bought Her A House, Even Though They Have Only Been Dating For Nine Months - - illustrative purposes only

It’s been nine months so far that this 34-year-old woman has been dating her 38-year-old boyfriend. Although they haven’t been together that long, they have met each other’s families and have discussed what their future can look like.

Her boyfriend has owned his own home for a couple of years but has said he’s interested in finding somewhere new to live.

He also revealed that he wasn’t certain he wanted to continue living in the same city. However, she felt extremely surprised when her boyfriend recently told her that he went to see a house for sale and put in an offer since he didn’t talk to her about that first.

Her boyfriend’s offer on the home was accepted, and then he said he purchased it with her “in mind” since they have talked about wanting to have a family together in the future.

“I’m not sure how to feel about it, I’m really happy that he got a house he really likes and at the price he got it for,” she explained.

“But I feel we’re not there yet to move in with each other. Also, in no way did I have a say in the decision of this house or the location so I don’t think him to say he got the house with “me” in mind is fair.”

“He hasn’t considered the commute for me to travel to work or anything that would be considered specifically to actually having me in mind. He bought this home one block away from his previous house as he will be renting out that home now, so this home, by default, is a great location for him overall. I’m not sure how to feel about his comments and his expectations with me and the house.”

She also is a student, and the house closing is going on during her craziest week of exams. She talked to her boyfriend about how she can’t help him move into the new house since she’s too busy, and he seemed to understand.

When she does have free time outside of completing her school work, she likes to do yoga or work out. – – illustrative purposes only

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