She Envies People Who Are Child-Free And Regrets Becoming A Mother, But She’s Worried That Her Feelings Make Her An Awful Person 

javiindy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is 28-years-old, and back when she was 23, she got pregnant with her son – who is now 5. At the time, she decided to go through with her pregnancy, mainly because she was young, in love, and thought she wanted to be a mom.

“But now, with the years of bitterness that motherhood put under my sleeve, I realized I made the wrong choice,” she admitted.

She was “fairly smart” and believed she had a future aside from being a mom. She had plans to travel and make art. So, she feels like she could have led a life she truly loved rather than her life ending at the ripe age of 23.

Today, she works a “soul-consuming” job that she feels like she cannot leave because it makes ends meet. She also doesn’t have any friends and really no social life outside of her family.

“Before you say it, yes, I am a big girl, and yes, I made my bed and I do lay on it. I’ve given it all to being the best mother I can for five years,” she clarified.

“But it’s soul-consuming and heart-wrenching.”

In fact, she believes that being a mom is “insufferable,” and she truly envies people who are child-free and who have the freedom, resources, opportunities, and time she wishes she had.

“I see the lives of child-free people, and I wish I could go to an alternate dimension where I don’t have a child and have a good life,” she said.

In her heart, she wishes there was some more hope for her future. She would love to take a nice trip or even live abroad for a year – like she sees so many child-free people do. Instead, she feels “chained down forever,” stuck playing house until she’s old and gray simply because she was “young and stupid” when she got pregnant.

javiindy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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