She Exposed A Classmate For Doing No Work On Their Group Project, But She’s Feeling Guilty Because This Girl Failed Their College Course

Drazen - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Many of us have been in a situation where we had to do a group project in school, and someone didn’t pull their weight. Then, you have to deal with the awkward decision of whether or not to tell your teacher that person slacked off.

One young woman recently exposed her classmate for not doing any work in a group project and now feels guilty because the classmate failed their class.

She’s in college and recently had to complete a group project for one of her classes. It was a very important project, accounting for 90% of her class grade. Her group for the project consisted of her and two other students. 

“I did all of the coding, which is fine because I like coding and don’t mind doing the extra work,” she said.

“The other team member contributed more in terms of writing the report, and I also helped with it. However, there was this girl who did not contribute anything at all. She only attended half the meetings and never contributed any ideas. Even when [we told her] to speak up, she did not say much.”

She didn’t want to judge this girl too harshly, as she’s a fellow introvert who understands being shy. However, this student always failed to deliver her assigned work, and by the time the project was completed, she hadn’t contributed anything.

At the end of the project, each group member was asked to complete a peer review for everyone else in their group. Knowing her non-participating classmate could fail if she was honest in her peer review, she decided to rate her “average” and gave some encouraging feedback.

“When the teacher read everyone else’s feedback, he realized there were issues with the girl’s contribution,” she recalled.

“So, he asked us to meet with him and tell [him about] our exact contributions. During the meeting, the girl claimed she had worked on the code and that most of it had been done by her. At this point, I became quite angry and exposed her in front of the professor. The other guy backed me up. The professor said he’d reassess the situation and decide our individual grades.”

Drazen – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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