She Heard A Little Girl In The Woods At Midnight, But Nobody Was There

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The woods can be a scary place. It’s like uncharted territory where danger might be lurking around every corner. You just never know what you might find within the thick, shadowy canopy of trees.

Since the olden days, forests have been known for spawning myths of the supernatural. However, strange, unsettling things have happened in the woods during modern times as well.

It begs the question of whether the eerie stories of hauntings are just folklore or if they’re completely real.

TikToker Ivy Brannon (@authorivybrannon) is talking about a creepy encounter she had in the woods that defied rational explanation.

Here’s what happened: a disembodied voice of a little girl greeted her in the middle of the night. But there was no person in sight.

At the time, she had been staying for a visit at her parents’ house. Her parents live in a secluded area near the hills with plenty of untouched wilderness.

Coyotes can frequently be spotted there. One day, she was sitting around the campfire in the backyard, which was surrounded by a tall fence. Her dog was lying right beside her as she typed on her laptop.

Suddenly, her dog lifted his head, stared straight ahead at the fire, and started to growl, indicating that there was danger nearby.

Then, Ivy heard a ghostly voice at the fence line. The voice was that of a little girl. Her speech was slightly muffled and garbled. All the girl said was, “Hello?”

kerkezz – – illustrative purposes only

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