She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Casually Admitted That He Attended Two Different Workshops On How To Start A Cult

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First dates are all more or less the same. It starts with meeting someone, whether it’s online or at a physical place.

Next, you’ll engage in conversation through text messaging to get a feel of what the person is like. Then, you’ll pick a spot to meet up together, go through the lengthy process of getting ready, and figure out who should pay the bill at the end.

What really sets a date apart are the topics that emerge from the depths of your conversation. Will the dialogue be filled with pleasant anecdotes that elicit lots of laughter?

Or will it consist of a one-sided confession that sets off alarm bells and has you running the other way at warp speed?

For TikToker Clare (@heyclarerea), one first date she went on was more like the latter. Little did she know that this man had such an unconventional hobby.

She went out with a guy who casually told her that he had willingly attended two workshops on how to start a cult.

Clare hoped that it was just a bizarre attempt at humor, but unfortunately, he was dead serious. Of course, she was rattled by his revelation and no longer had any desire to pursue a romantic relationship with him. This guy’s fascination with cults had cost him a chance at a second date.

However, she decided to stick around for a little while to delve into some of the details of his hobby. When she asked him if he had ever successfully started a cult, he spoke with enthusiasm about the several social startups he had founded.

Then, she asked him if any of his friends had ever joined his organizations. He said no and pointed out that the whole purpose of the social startup was to draw in new people. The conversation was both disturbing and amusing.

BGStock72 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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