These Are All The Clever And Interesting Ways You Can Use Clear Nail Polish Around Your House

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Clear nail polish does more than just give your nails a sleek shine and an extra protective layer. Its purposes extend beyond beauty and into household territory.

A bottle of clear nail polish can do anything from repairing holes to waterproofing matches. You might even have a few of them collecting dust on your dresser or in your bathroom drawer because you rarely use them.

Don’t let those lacquers go to waste! Try out one of these neat hacks and begin slowly improving the state of your household. Here are seven ways to use clear nail polish other than for a manicure.

Thread A Needle Faster

If you’ve ever endured the process of threading a needle, you know how frustrating and painstakingly slow it can be.

Simply twisting the tip of the thread to create a sharp point will only get you so far. Try dipping the frayed tip into clear nail polish to seal off the end.

Before slipping the thread through the needle, allow it to dry for a couple of minutes. Afterward, you’ll find that the task will go much more smoothly.

Tighten Loose Screws

Are one of the screws coming loose on a pair of glasses? Clear nail polish can tighten it right back up.

acidmit – – illustrative purposes only

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