Upping Your Fashion Game Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated With These Simple Styling Tips, Like Adding Pops Of Color Or Experimenting With Layering

Experiment with layering

Sometimes, I hesitate about mixing and matching clothes with different lengths and fabrics. However, if there’s one thing I’ve noticed regarding recent fashion trends, people are unafraid of layering random pieces and making them work.

For instance, I live in NYC and have seen several women wear skirts over denim jeans. And you know what? They looked great.

Take your more basic pieces, like a tight long-sleeve shirt or a maxi dress, and layer them with something else. Throw a sweater over that maxi dress, try a vest over your long sleeve, and see how you like it! Layering is one of the easiest ways to experiment with your clothes. You’ll be able to tell if you vibe with the look or not right away.

Wear a belt

Belts serve several great purposes in an outfit. First, they add some dimension and something extra to your outfit to tie it together. The second is that it compliments your body shape and sinches your waist.

Add a fun belt if your outfit is boring or making you look boxy! Western-style belts are big right now, as are fun chain belts. However, a simple black belt works too! 

Throw on a blazer

Wearing blazers with more casual outfits these days is a big fashion trend. Blazers are no longer only intended for the workplace or formal events. Whenever I feel like a simple, casual outfit is missing something, I throw on a blazer to switch things up a bit. 

If you don’t have a blazer to wear more casually and want to be on-trend, cinched-waist blazers are big right now, as they’re cool to look at and accentuate your curves. Having a reliable blazer in your closet is a good idea.

There you have it: a few easy style tips that can quickly take your outfits to the next level. Have fun!

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