During The Early Twentieth Century, This Swan Made Headlines For His Fascinating Backstory, Mischievous Behavior, And Potentially Murderous Love Life

afinocchiaro - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual swan

There have been many famous animals throughout American history that made an impact on people in some way. Did you know that one of them was a swan?

In the early 20th century, there was a swan who quite literally made headlines in Orlando, Florida, as he was notorious for his mischievous behavior, fascinating history, and potentially murderous love life.

That swan was Billy Swan, and he was sent to Orlando from England at the request of Lake Lucerne resident Charles Lord in 1910. Charles Lord was an Englishman who moved to Orlando when it was being transformed into an up-and-coming city in 1885.

Charles was allegedly homesick and missed seeing swans on the river in London, so he had some shipped to Orlando, where he could watch them live in Lake Lucerne.

Billy Swan was brought over with his mate, Sally. Quickly, Billy became the king of his domain. There was another swan couple brought to the lake, two black swans. However, Billy eventually chased them out of the neighborhood with his bullying nature.

During his life on Lake Lucerne, Billy became an icon, not necessarily because of his beauty or grace, but because he was one mean bird. He’d pick fights with children on their way to school and chase after people, even when they were in their cars.

One of the few people Billy would show affection toward was Charles, who he’d accept a pat on the head from. 

Billy and Sally were responsible for increasing the swan population in the neighborhood, as they had many babies together. Billy was known for fiercely protecting their nest. Despite their success as parents, Billy and Sally’s relationship officially ended when she was shockingly found dead.

There are rumors that Sally began associating with a younger male swan, which may have led Billy to murder her by forcefully drowning her.

afinocchiaro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual swan

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