Her 40-Year-Old Daughter Still Lives With Her, Doesn’t Have A Job Or Car, And Is In A Lot Of Debt, So She’s Thinking It’s Time To Stop Providing For Her

annawin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 61-year-old woman and her husband, 66, have a 40-year-old daughter who just married her now-husband, 37, after meeting and starting a relationship only a year ago. Unfortunately, she and her husband financially support their daughter and her new husband.

In her view, her daughter and husband didn’t have the money for their wedding. Before getting married, her daughter earned her Master’s degree but is unemployed and has a tough time remaining employed.

Until her daughter started her Master’s program, she worked at Walmart but resigned when she started school. Her daughter accumulated a significant amount of student loan debt. Her daughter’s husband is also unemployed.

“When she met her husband, he was living with his parents at the time, and his job didn’t pay well, either,” she said.

Despite not being financially stable, her daughter wanted to get married. She and her husband paid for the wedding since their daughter and husband couldn’t afford it, and she didn’t mind doing so.

However, she knew that she and her husband didn’t have the money to continue financially supporting their daughter and her husband.

“She’s been living off us for a while. In fact, I remember two years ago, she wanted to borrow our car, but my husband needed it to go to work, and she got upset and called us all sorts of horrible names,” she explained.

Even though her daughter hasn’t been kind or appreciative in the past, she didn’t think any of this was her daughter’s fault. She acknowledged that her daughter has student loan debt, and capitalism creates a difficult environment for those looking for homes or apartments to buy or rent.

While she was thrilled that her daughter, an adult who can decide how to live her life, had the dream of getting married, she knew she and her husband could no longer support her or her new husband.

annawin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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