Her Husband Took Her Last Name After They Got Married, And One Of His Coworkers Berated Her For Being A “Bad Wife” And “Trying To Be The Man” In Her Relationship

elnariz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this woman and her husband got married, he actually took her last name. So, just a couple of weeks ago, he got his employer to officially change his last name at work, and some of his coworkers have been giving them both slack about it ever since.

“About half of them think this is the funniest thing ever, and about half are deeply offended,” she said.

Apparently, one of her husband’s female coworkers, named Brenda, is a member of the “offended half.” And Brenda has made this abundantly clear.

For some context, the reason why she regularly interacts with her husband’s coworkers is because, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they all started a group chat to organize work carpools. But, the group chat continued to be very helpful even after the pandemic, so she and her husband are still a part of it.

Ever since her husband took her last name, though, people have been using the group chat to make a lot of dumb jokes about it. And for the most part, they’ve just been trying to ignore all the antics.

However, just yesterday, she messaged the group and asked if anyone would be able to drive her husband home since she wouldn’t be back from work until later. One of his coworkers also answered and agreed to give her husband a ride, and she thought that was the end of the conversation.

Well, Brenda wound up chiming in and attacking her about being a bad wife. More specifically, Brenda said, “Maybe if you spent less time at work and more time being a wife, your husband wouldn’t come into work with dirty shirts.”

Now, she actually thought this was just a bad joke at first because her husband works as a rural mail carrier. So, his shirts always get dirty and look like someone wore them out in the heat on very dusty roads.

That’s why she just responded to Brenda kind of jokingly and wrote, “I could make cleaning those shirts my full-time job, and it wouldn’t do much, lol.”

elnariz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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