Here’s How To Get The Boyfriend Blush Look, No Butterflies Or Partner Required

millaf - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I’ve always felt that one of the sweetest and most beautiful features on a human face is how we blush under certain circumstances.

For instance, has your crush ever done something to cause butterflies in your stomach, and you can feel the blood rushing to your cheeks? 

I love a good blush moment, and rosy cheeks have always been a very pretty and endearing feature on someone’s face. Don’t you sometimes wish it looked like you were always blushing?

If so, you may want to participate in the boyfriend blush look, a new makeup trend going viral on TikTok.

The boyfriend blush look is all about embracing how our face looks when we blush after being complimented by someone who makes our hurts want to burst, like a good boyfriend.

If you want to recreate this look yourself, here’s how to do it!

You’ll want to select a blush that comes in a shade complimentary to your skin tone and is easy to blend into your face makeup.

I’d recommend choosing a color that best emulates how your face naturally looks when you’re blushing. Therefore, you may want to focus on softer shades versus super intense ones. 

I’d recommend using a liquid blush for this kind of blush look, as they’re often a lot easier to blend out and play with than powdered blush.

millaf – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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