His Girlfriend’s Friend Made A Rude Comment About His Weight, So He Clapped Back And Brought Up Her Poor Financial Situation, And He’s Refusing To Apologize For It

Ranta Images - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 29-year-old man recently went to a music event with his girlfriend and their larger friend group. One of his girlfriend’s friends, a 25-year-old woman named Fiona, was there as well.

For some context, he is six feet tall and weighs about 230 pounds. According to him, he’s on the “heavy side,” which is especially noticeable in his midsection.

Fiona, on the other hand, is a very skinny woman who also has been struggling financially.

“A combination of family poverty and also she has [made] some bad decisions over the years,” he explained.

Anyway, while at the music event, he was drinking a couple of beers. Then, he and the rest of the group started to check out the food vendors.

While looking around, he noticed there was a stand selling sausages and bacon. At that point, he made a remark about how good the food looked and smelled and said he was considering purchasing some of the bacon.

Well, Fiona then turned, looked at him, and loudly body-shamed him in front of their entire group.

“If I looked like you, I would probably skip the bacon and have a salad or something,” she said.

This comment struck a chord with him, too, and he didn’t hesitate to clap back at Fiona – telling her, “At least I can afford to feed myself in contrary to your starving.”

Ranta Images – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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