His Wife Didn’t Like The Batch Of Cookies He Made And Wanted Him To Make Another, But He Refused And Called Her A Brat

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When you’re married, and it doesn’t feel as though you and your spouse take on an equal share of household duties, things can easily get stressful.

One man recently told his wife she was acting like a brat after she complained about him not baking a batch of cookies just the way she liked them, as he’s been doing more around the house than her lately.

He and his wife have been married for a while and recently had a new baby. While raising a newborn typically means that a dad will have to take on more housework than usual, he’s been especially busy because he was doing most of his and his wife’s housework before and after the baby.

“It’s gotten to the point where I clean the whole house, do the laundry, fold and put up all the clothes, cook, clean dishes, and all household chores,” he said.

“I really don’t mind either because I’m particular, so I want the house clean at all times. So if that’s what I like, I’m not going to expect [my wife] to do it; I’ll do it myself.”

Recently, some friends came over to his house to visit and see the baby. He did everything to prepare for their guests, including making dinner and drinks for everyone. He was a diligent host and ran around taking care of everyone all night, refilling drinks, and making sure everyone was happy.

When their friends left, he decided to throw some cookies in the oven for him and his wife.

When the timer for the cookies went off, he had their baby in his arms and couldn’t get to them right away. Eventually, his wife came downstairs and took them out herself.

“They looked perfect to me, a little crispy on the outside and still soft and warm in the middle, [but] she said she didn’t like them like that, and I needed to make her another batch,” he recalled.

Karynf – – illustrative purposes only

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