His Wife Is Unhappy With Their Life And Wants To Live In A Van While Traveling The World, But He Doesn’t Like This Idea

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This 24-year-old man has a 22-year-old wife who recently sat him down to say that she’s unhappy with their life at home.

His wife wants to fix this by living in a van while getting to travel around the world. While he only wants his wife to be happy, he doesn’t like her idea.

He doesn’t feel good about walking away from his house and career to live in a van and drive around.

“Since the beginning of our marriage, she told me she was adventurous, but I had no idea that it would manifest into this,” he explained.

“She’s certain of it, though, and has told me she can’t live without doing it. We talked it through and I told her maybe we could try just letting her go and travel and live her dreams while I hold the house down.”

“Maybe she could just stay in contact with me and come down to spend time with me. But I would worry about her traveling alone since she has a chronic migraine condition that can put her out of service at random times.”

Also, his wife has no plans for making money while traveling, and she insists she can simply learn as she goes, which doesn’t give him confidence.

So, his wife has made it clear to him that she’s going to live her life in a van regardless of whether or not he wants to accompany her on her adventures.

He’s worried that his wife is being incredibly impulsive, which in turn makes him terrified for his wife, as well as the future of their marriage.

Nomad_Soul – – illustrative purposes only

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