She And Her Twin Sister Took A DNA Test, But The Results Say They Aren’t Related At All

Tapac - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 18-year-old girl has a fraternal twin sister, and they decided pretty recently to take a DNA test for fun.

They thought the test would be neat and able to tell them more about their similarities as well as differences.

Actually, their grandparents had suggested the test to them first, and then bought the test for them too. Their mom and dad were unaware at the time that this all happened.

The test results came back, and the results made absolutely no sense to them, as it says she and her sister share no DNA, which means they aren’t related at all.

Her twin’s background came back as entirely Western and Eastern European, which lined up, as their family members are from Austria, Croatia, and Germany.

However, her background said predominantly Scandinavian, which was so puzzling to her, especially since that didn’t come up on her twin’s results.

“And we had no matched DNA,” she explained. “Which clearly seemed impossible. We were literally twins, we have to share DNA.”

“My twin said they must have mixed my sample up with someone else. We ended up contacting the company, and my twin and I took a test again. It was the same result.”

“Both my twin and I were really confused. We told our grandparents, and they just said that was interesting and said nothing else. My twin said we should tell our parents and see if they had ever done a genetic test, or if any of our siblings had, and then we could see if somehow ours were still right.”

Tapac – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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