She Canceled Her Gender Reveal Party Because She Knows Her Husband Will Be Upset They’re Having A Daughter

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Have you ever watched videos from peoples’ gender reveal parties and cringed when one or both of the parents seemed disappointed in the gender of their upcoming baby?

At that point, you almost want to ask them, “Why did you bother having a gender reveal party?”

One woman recently canceled her gender reveal party because she knew there was a good chance her husband would react poorly if they found out they weren’t having another boy.

She’s 37, and her husband is 43-years-old. They have a nine-year-old son, and she’s pregnant with their second child.

The birth of their son came with some challenges, even though her husband was extremely thrilled to have a boy. She struggled to feel back to normal after giving birth, which put a strain on her marriage since her husband wasn’t very sympathetic to that.

Her husband was less interested in this second baby and pregnancy from the start. In fact, he told her that she could go to the doctor by herself, find out the baby’s gender, and not tell him. She found out they were having a daughter, which she knew would disappoint her husband.

Still, she wanted the birth of their second child to be different, and to get in a celebratory mood, she planned a gender reveal party. She and her husband booked a venue, hired a photographer, bought decorations, etc.

However, she quickly started feeling anxious when she realized there was a good chance her husband would be outwardly upset when he found out they were not having another boy.

“My husband is more concerned about the reputation effect as he grew up affluent, has a very high-paying job, and also a stake in a family business,” she explained.

Africa Studio – – illustrative purposes only

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