She Took A Break From Her Boyfriend After He Uninvited Her From His Child’s Birthday Dinner

Oksana Moroz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 38-year-old woman has a 40-year-old boyfriend who has kids with his ex-wife. Her boyfriend and his ex split custody of their kids and try to remain civil with one another.

Her boyfriend and his ex do hate one another and avoid being in the same room. Her boyfriend has three kids still living at home, and she gets along decently with them.

His oldest daughter is currently a freshman in college but became somewhat distant from him amid the divorce.

She has three kids of her own from a previous relationship, and her kids enjoy being around her boyfriend’s kids.

“To be clear he was divorced when we started dating,” she explained. “The ex-wife despises me for unclear reasons. I never talk ill of this woman to his kids or anything like that.”

“When his 10-year-old told me that her mom doesn’t like me, I simply said, “That’s okay; she doesn’t have to. But she must be doing something right because she’s raised really wonderful kids.” His kids seem to genuinely like me, and I like them.”

Her boyfriend never gets invited to attend holidays or birthdays when his kids are with their mom. It’s not an issue, as her boyfriend does his own celebrations with his kids.

Recently, her boyfriend’s teen daughter had a birthday, and she planned to go out to dinner at her favorite restaurant.

Her boyfriend asked his daughter if it was alright for her and her kids to attend, and his daughter was perfectly alright with that, as they have all been out to eat together tons of times.

Oksana Moroz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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