She Yelled At Her Sister For Being Out Of Line With Helping Her Plan Her Wedding

shchus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In September, this 29-year-old woman is getting married, and she picked that month for two reasons: it’s the month she met her fiancé, and it’s summer’s end.

Now, she has an older sister named Cat, who was supposed to have her wedding five years back, but her fiancé sadly passed away in a motorcycle accident.

Cat was crushed and had a very difficult time dealing with her grief. To this day, Cat is still pretty dark and somber, and she doesn’t maintain relationships long, though she has tried to date.

“When I told my family that I was getting married, Cat was visibly sad, so my mom asked me to involve her in the planning and to ask for her opinion to make her feel part of it,” she explained.

“However, she didn’t agree with my choice of September, thinking it’s a bad month for a wedding. She also didn’t like the colors I picked or the dress I wanted. I tried to listen to her sometimes.”

“At one point, she said, “I can’t believe you’ll be the first daughter MY (not our) father is going to walk down the aisle.” I was gutted by her comment.”

She says her wedding isn’t exactly serious, as her fiancé’s best friend is going to be their officiant and he got a license to do this specifically for their wedding.

She also really wants her wedding to have her and her fiancé’s personalities reflected in the planning, but Cat has made negative comments about many things along the way.

A week ago, she was trying to pick out which groomsmen and bridesmaids would walk down the aisle together, and she mentioned to Cat that her best friend and his boyfriend will be entering together.

shchus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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