She’s Not Going Wedding Dress Shopping With Her Dad’s Fiancée Since He’s Been Engaged 11 Times

illustrissima - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Just recently, this 18-year-old girl was invited to go wedding dress shopping with her dad’s new fiancée, 38-year-old Natalie.

Her two older sisters, who are 22 and 25, were also invited to come along for the dress shopping. However, she and her sisters told Natalie no, and Natalie got wildly upset that they refused.

Honestly, she and her sisters are just over her dad’s endless engagements, and they have no interest in forming a bond with Natalie since none of the women in her dad’s life ever last long.

“My dad has been engaged at least 11 times that we know of and married at least four times,” she explained.

“He has 7 kids. Not all of us are from marriages. None of us are from the same mom. My mom didn’t even know he had kids when she married him.”

“He was a huge liar earlier in his serial marriage life. Mom finding out about his past triggered their divorce. After mom, he stopped lying about having kids or being married before. But it didn’t stop him from getting into these whirlwind serial relationships and getting engaged and married a bunch.”

At this rate, she’s banking on the fact that her dad will never end up in a relationship that makes it more than a handful of years.

The longest a marriage has ever lasted for him was exactly four years, but that was in a legal sense and nothing more.

Her dad also filed for an annulment one time that she knows of, but he could have done this on more occasions.

illustrissima – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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