A Man In England Was Caught Stealing Two Nightjar Eggs From A Nest At A Nature Reserve, And When Police Searched His Home, They Found Thousands Of Eggs On His Property

Lucille Ryan Images - - illustrative purposes only

Most thieves like to steal expensive fine jewelry or electronics like phones and computers that they can quickly resell for a profit.

However, one man’s preferred choice of stolen goods is wild bird eggs.

In England, a 71-year-old man from Norfolk named Daniel Lingham was given a suspended sentence and ordered to go through a mental health treatment program for 12 months after he was caught taking two nightjar eggs from a nest at Holt Lowes Nature Reserve last year. A wildlife camera captured him committing the crime.

When police searched his home after the most recent incident, they found thousands of eggs on his property.

In total, there were 2,995 eggs, and 2,429 of them were protected under the U.K.’s Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Furthermore, 548 out of the 2,429 eggs were from birds on the amber list of birds where their conservation is a concern.

Additionally, 546 were on the red list, which contain birds of the most serious concern.

Behind the bath panel in Lingham’s home, he had stored a box with the nightjar eggs he was caught stealing.

Aside from the collection of eggs, the police discovered binoculars, books about bird egg identification, and an egg-blowing kit.

Lucille Ryan Images – – illustrative purposes only

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