He Told His Female Friend That She Was Being Unrealistic And Maybe Should Lower Her Standards For Guys Because He Would Never Be Interested In Someone Like Her

NDABCREATIVITY - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 24-year-old guy has a 28-year-old friend named Jane, who he thinks is a really kind and sweet woman.

“She always has a smile and is just generally a good person to be around,” he said.

However, Jane has been looking for a long-term relationship for around four years now, hasn’t had any luck, and is constantly complaining about it – which is starting to get on his nerves.

No one in their friend group ever interrupts Jane, though, because she always listens to their problems, and they know that would be rude. Nonetheless, her constant venting about the dating scene is getting exhausting for him.

“She talks about how the dating pool nowadays is full of misogynistic [jerks] who expect unrealistic standards. Given that I am not a straight woman, I will go off her word,” he explained.

But, more recently, he decided to take a look at some of the guys Jane is interested in, and he noticed that they are extremely attractive. As for Jane, while she is a wonderful person, he doesn’t actually think she’s in the same league as any of the men she’s after.

“Of course, internal beauty is more important,” he clarified, “But the guys she wants are a bit above her level. She doesn’t usually ask me for advice, just venting, so I keep my mouth shut.”

Well, just last night, Jane actually used him as an example while venting about the dating scene again. More specifically, she asked why she couldn’t find someone like him or like their other friend named Tay.

At that point, he tried to brush off the question by laughing and saying he wasn’t sure. Still, Jane kept talking about it and “using his existence” to prove that she wasn’t being unrealistic with her dating standards.

NDABCREATIVITY – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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