Her Boyfriend Dumped Her After She Said She Was Uncomfortable With Him Spending The Weekend With His Ex

Chris - - illustrative purposes only

Three months ago, this 29-year-old woman started seeing her 26-year-old boyfriend, and they got along wonderfully.

Boundaries and communication are important to her boyfriend, and they are easily able to discuss any problems they encounter as a couple.

Going into the relationship, she was aware that her boyfriend mainly has female friends. But as soon as things got serious between them, she noticed her boyfriend has terrible boundaries with his friends and talks to these girls a lot – including one of his exes.

“We recently got into an argument of sorts because he told me he wanted to go on a weekend trip to visit his ex in Boston,” she explained.

“His ex knows he is now seeing someone. They are very close friends and dated 4 years ago for around 3 years long distance. However, he is not close with his biological family and considers her family to be his family, spends holidays with them etc.”

“They also go on trips together sometimes with her little sister. He asked me if I would be okay with this, and I said no, but I would not stop him. He was worried and upset by this, and I asked him why go if it was causing so much strife between us.”

The day after they got into this disagreement, she phoned up her boyfriend and admitted she wasn’t being entirely truthful with him.

She pointed out that she was uneasy with the majority of his female friends and that the trip made her upset.

She kept going, outlining that if they couldn’t come to some sort of a compromise, perhaps they weren’t a good fit for one another.

Chris – – illustrative purposes only

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