Her Husband Wants Her To Weigh 120 Pounds Before They Start Trying For A Baby

nenetus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A little over five years ago, this 25-year-old woman got married to her 27-year-old husband. She admits that it was a very young age for them to tie the knot, but they’re in an excellent place right now in their marriage.

She characterizes their relationship as stable, and they’re doing well financially too. Things are so great that they have discussed trying for a baby in about a year or so.

But there’s one thing causing her husband to want to wait on having a baby, and that’s how much she weighs.

“At my heaviest weight in 2020 (155 pounds, 5’3”), he expressed that he wanted me to lose weight to help him be more attracted to me,” she explained.

“Although this was hard to hear, we had a constructive conversation, and I understood where he was coming from. I’ve put in an effort to lose weight and am down 25 pounds since that original convo (I am on the high end of being “healthy” according to the BMI scale).”

“We’ve been talking more seriously about trying for a baby, but he’s expressed that he still doesn’t find me fully attractive and would like me to be 120 pounds before we officially start trying to get pregnant.”

She has told her husband in the past that it would be amazing to weigh 120 pounds, but she doesn’t think that should be a requirement for her to meet before they begin to try for a baby.

She’s currently healthy, works out every single day, and eats well. She has done her best to try to lose more weight for her husband, given their recent discussions about her weight, but she’s stuck right now at the 132-pound mark.

She wants to try to get pregnant today, but her husband keeps insisting they need to wait until she weighs in at 120 pounds. She feels like this is a goal she will never hit, which is extremely frustrating.

nenetus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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