Her Sister’s Angry That She Had Her Assistant Make Her Wedding Cake

AlexGukalovUkraine - - illustrative purposes only

When she was a little girl, this woman shadowed her grandma in the kitchen, and her grandma loved to bake.

In fact, her grandma made wedding cakes for everyone she knew, and she eagerly learned her grandma’s skills.

“I would make roses out of playdough while she made them from fondant,” she explained. “My sister was never interested. I have turned my memories of my grandmother into a business.”

“I make wedding cakes. And I charge a fair bit for them. As an example, my base price is $8 a slice. So, if you have 100 guests, you will be buying an $800 cake. One of my base models. In return, you will get a delicious cake with piped decorations.”

“At $17.50 a slice, you get my top-notch work. Hand-molded flowers and the whole deal. Yes, I know it is expensive. Nobody is forced to buy one of my cakes. There are many very good bakers in my city.”

Her sister recently got married, and it was a very out-of-the-blue thing. Two weeks ago, her sister and mom asked her if she would make the wedding cake.

She informed them that she couldn’t make the wedding cake on such short notice, as she had a waitlist of people expecting her to make one for them.

Her mom got nasty with her and insisted she had to make her sister’s wedding cake, so she finally gave in.

She does love her sister, even though she’s completely a pain and super impulsive. She then told her mom and sister she could do the cake for $1,000, which is far cheaper than she would ever charge a client.

AlexGukalovUkraine – – illustrative purposes only

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