Her Unemployed Boyfriend Called Her Ungrateful Even Though He Lost His Job And Forced Them To Move Into Her Mom’s Basement When They Were Planning To Buy A House

Elizaveta - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 30-year-old woman and her boyfriend, who is also 30, currently live together, and they were saving up to buy a house. But, in the process, her boyfriend wound up losing both his license and his job after he got a DUI.

They should’ve already purchased a home by now – which is why they did not resign their apartment lease. Obviously, though, that didn’t happen, and they were ultimately forced to move into her mother’s basement.

“And my mom’s basement needed significant renovations, new drywall, paint, doors, etc.,” she recalled.

So, her mom came up with a solution – offering to allow her and her boyfriend to live in the basement rent-free as long as they did all of the renovations for free. To clarify, her mom would pay for all of the materials, but the hours of labor put into fixing up the basement would be unpaid.

She and her boyfriend did not have much of a choice, given his circumstances. That’s why they took the offer, and since moving into her mom’s home, her boyfriend has completed most of the renovations himself.

After all, he is handy and has plenty of time since he’s unemployed. She, on the other hand, works 60 hours a week and has been trying to keep their life afloat amidst everything.

Yet, just yesterday, her boyfriend implied that she was somehow the ungrateful one in their relationship.

It all began when they went to the grocery store, and after selecting their items, they used her boyfriend’s food stamps to pay at checkout.

“90% of the items were items he picked,” she noted.

Elizaveta – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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