It’s Been Said Since The 1930s That, At The Heart Of A Desert Lake In New Mexico, There Lies A Hidden Hoard Of Gold Worth Billions Of Dollars

In 1939, they hired an engineer to blow up the shaft so they could reach the gold more easily. However, the shaft collapsed, burying the treasure and sending Doc into a fit of despair.

Apparently, he abandoned Victorio Peak and his wife. Then, he returned a decade later to try to get his treasure back.

He persuaded a man from Texas named Charley Ryan to fund a project to clear the ruins of the shaft. In exchange, he would give Ryan gold.

Doc was afraid that Ryan would steal all his gold, so he hid 110 bars in the desert. When Ryan never got his share of gold, he accused Doc of conning him. They got into a fight that ended with Ryan shooting Doc twice.

Rumors of the vast fortune reached four airmen from the nearby Holloman Air Force Base in 1958. They searched Victorio Peak for an entrance to the cavern.

They found piles of gold bars and sealed off the entrance so no one could see it. They then asked the military for permission to excavate, a process that took three long years. By 1961, they returned to Victorio Peak but couldn’t find the gold.

Soon after, military equipment and vehicles were spotted at the site. Eventually, the Army admitted that they had been conducting excavations there but declared that they did not find any gold. To this day, the treasure still has not been recovered.

Some believe that it was all a hoax concocted by Doc, while others have speculated that the Army secretly confiscated it.

The mystery of the treasure’s location and who might be in possession of it may never be solved due to the lack of concrete proof.

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