She Called Her Mom Self-Absorbed For Hijacking Her Twenty-First Birthday Party And Making It About Herself

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Your 21st birthday is supposed to be a fun day where you celebrate your new era of adulthood with the people you love most. Unfortunately, not everyone gets that experience.

One young woman recently got into a fight with her mom after she and her “drinking buddies” took over what was supposed to be a very chill 21st birthday gathering.

She recently turned 21 and, before the big day, had to let her 45-year-old mom know exactly the kind of vibes she wanted on her birthday, which were different from their family’s usual parties.

“My mom has always been a party girl, [as] she was young when she had my brother [and I],” she explained.

“Growing up, our birthdays were always an excuse to throw a drinking party for her and my dad. We never had a problem with it before, as my brother and I loved seeing our parents have fun [because it was] something they had to give up early on to raise [us]. But for my recent 21st birthday party, [I asked] for a small get-together with just our immediate family and my three close friends, not any of her drinking buddies.”

Her mom promised she’d only invite the people she wanted to go to her 21st birthday get-together and assured her there was no reason to worry. Well, unfortunately, her mom lied.

When the day of what was supposed to be her small get-together arrived, she quickly realized her mom still planned for a full-blown party with a bunch of her adult friends included.

She felt pretty annoyed, especially because all her mom’s friends drowned out her three friends, but when she showed she was upset, her mom accused her of being ungrateful.

“I don’t think wanting to invite who I wanted at my party is being ungrateful, but I just said ‘whatever’ and brushed it off,” she said.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only

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