She Didn’t Invite Her Sister’s Baby Daddy To Her Wedding Because He Wasn’t Even Involved In Her Sister’s Life When She Made The Guest List, But Now Her Sister’s Trying To Guilt-Trip Her

Anntuan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is currently engaged and has been planning her wedding – which is set to take place in just one month. However, there’s been drama surrounding both her guest list and her sister’s “baby daddy.”

For some context, when she first began planning her wedding and created the guest list, the father of her sister’s child was not even involved in her sister’s life.

Apparently, he was verbally abusive and threatened their family. At the same time, he was struggling with substance abuse.

“Understandably, I didn’t feel comfortable inviting him,” she recalled.

After a few months passed by, though, her sister and her sister’s baby daddy eventually reconciled their relationship once their child was finally born. Now, the guy is her sister’s boyfriend.

So, with her nuptials on the horizon, her sister has recently become upset that he is not invited.

“Even though our guest list is already finalized, and we are at capacity,” she explained.

Still, her sister doesn’t get that and keeps trying to guilt-trip her for setting boundaries. On top of that, her sister claimed that this issue is tied to finances and needing a babysitter for her other children. However, she pointed out how her sister’s kids had already been invited to the event.

To be clear, she admitted that she does have empathy for her sister’s financial situation and would even be willing to help cover any costs associated with attending her wedding.

Anntuan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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