She Exposed Her Dad After He Forced Her To Get A Paternity Test, And Now She’s Getting Blamed For Ruining Her Parents’ Marriage

Olga - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young woman is 16-years-old, and her father apparently spends a lot of time on social media. So, he recently began talking about the frequency of “paternity fraud,” which he learned about online.

Then, her father actually claimed that he wanted to get a paternity test on her since he believed she might not actually be his biological child.

“He asked me to keep this between us and not tell my mom anything in case he was wrong,” she revealed.

To be clear, she is not an only child. However, the reason why her father specifically asked to paternity test her is because she’s the only one out of her siblings who doesn’t really look like him.

Anyway, after he brought up the idea, she called him a moron because she knew her mom was not the kind of person to cheat.

“She has devoted her life to her family, and I don’t even remember the last time she went somewhere without us, so unless she is sneaking out at night when everyone is asleep, I don’t see how she could cheat,” she explained.

Regardless, her father still insisted on getting the paternity test. He even claimed he wouldn’t support her when she heads off to college if she refused!

So, she finally agreed to take the test. But, she emphasized how it was nobody’s business who she decided to tell about the results – including her mom.

Well, the test results just came in two days ago, and spoiler alert: she’s her father’s biological daughter.

Olga – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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